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An after thought on the whoopy celebrations on women’s day!

A couple of days back was the grand gala celebration of womanhood, which forced me to think was it teally required. Newspaper, television hoardings forwards on social media, everywhere people were busy making eaxh other realise the worth of a woman. Letting her know how special and powerfull she is. For a moment i thought today’s woman has already proved her worth she is at par with the men around her, we jo more need a special day to kake us realise what we can do and where we stand or how precious are we today the world. but the next moment i knew why was this day so very important for me, when i see around i can only find a bunch of them who own the power and dignity they deserve, the majority still lags behind. you are sopposed to be a daughter, a sister, a wife , a mother but not a woman, the self realisation has never existed for this chunk of the fairer sex, being an indian i feel ashamed when i hear stories of how young girls have to struggle to get their basic education, they have never dared to dream big, have never thought of independence as being self capable or reliant . Right from the early childhood they are made to believe that they are weak and cannot stand without the mighty support of the man in their life. Their brought up have taught them to compormise, to bear all pains,never stand for their rights, and always allow the man to lead her, to decide for her, as if there is no exsitence of her without him. These women needs many such women’s day  which could make them realise that a lady can exist on her own. She is herself first and then a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter.  She is worthy of a lot better. The day this happens, i will feel that yes all the gala , the fest and fervor for women’s dayis worth it. but there is a brighter side to the story as well where we see women empowering themselves emerging as inspiration for their counterparts. They are proving that a woman is beyong a thing of beauty. They are bosses, CEO’s they fly, they fight for their nation, they are buerocrats, thr key desicion makers., todays educated mordern women has left no avenue untreaded she is there every where. But this is high time we be prpud of a handful of them and left the majority still struggling to get their basic rights. If we stand for each other, move out of our comfort zone and empower them we cpuld contribute in a better tommorow for our daughters and sisters. Let us help them break those shackles and breathe freedom, then we would desrve all the hype and celebrations of womanhood!