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Carry the Right Attitude

“Our  perspective towards life decides what we will be.”

Good or bad, right or wrong dark or bright. Situations keep coming to us, and that’s nature. when all’s well- then perfect, nothing to think about, nothing to lament about. but if all’s always well, then that has to be a fantasy because the science of reality says that ” nothing shall ever be perfect.”

Perfection is an attitude, it is a summation of satisfaction and hard work both. all can not always be good, it is we, who have to make it all good, the darkest times  do come, but how we stand the test, how we come out of those tough times, decides how we take life, how perfect things shall be for us.

  • showing courage
  • taking things positively
  • accepting what come our way
  • taking it as an opportunity

The worst of times have come to  everyone, be it a kingdom, or a slum, a famous personality or s dreamer next door, but it is our attitude that decides the fate. luck, kismet, destiny are all mere adjectives we add to shoulder our failures. even luck favors those who are true fighters, who do not search for people for situations to blame on, but take the negatives as opportunity for something better, learn the lesson life is teaching them, and stay strong in the darkest hour of the night.

If stop judging people,situations, circumstances into right- wrong, good -bad  we would find the real happiness we have been searching for all the time.

Happiness lies within, it is an attitude, which we have to acquire, the darkest of the time will come but with an assurance that soon it will be brighter than ever  before. the right perspective to look at things, an optimistic thinking and a very positive attitude is all that is needed to be happy being!!




Hey, I am a simple home maker with a passion for writing. I believe in optimism and positivity and hope to make people around me more positive. Because positivity is the key to Happiness!

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