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Confusions are Common!

Decisions and Confusions go hand in hand, when we sit down to take the most important decisions of our lives( though the tiniest  decision is also very important), the biggest obstacle is confusion. A confused mind can never make a firm judgement.

Once you are entangled in its trap, there is no way out, every confusion will lead to the next obstacle, unless dealt wisely, and strong headed. ” to be or not to be…” has always been the question, but if we wish to move ahead we have to take a stand, we have to come out of that dual mindedness and decide for ourselves. and that decision is certainly our first step towards our destination.

Be it love, be it work, or be it a simple question of what to wear, if we stay bewildered we will never be confident of what we do, because the confusion that is accompanying our decisions would haunt us, with all our next steps it will try hard to pull us back.

Confusion is that voice in our ears, that keeps on repeating, ‘ i shouldn’t have done this…is this right, is it all ohkkkkk??…..’we have to gather all our inner courage, stand for ourselves, shoo that voice and make a decision, and believe in what we have chosen for ourselves, and giving a dual thought move ahead.

Rest our will, our determination and our smart work will take care!!



Hey, I am a simple home maker with a passion for writing. I believe in optimism and positivity and hope to make people around me more positive. Because positivity is the key to Happiness!

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