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Where Dreams meet Reality!

A lot of time when i happen to read something about being young, being youthful, a question arises.

What has age got to do with our Youth???

Can not being youthful be just a state of mind??

Youth for me is that period of our life which should be with us forever. Being young is an amalgamation of beautiful thoughful dreams that we strive hard to fulfill and the realities of life.

Youth is that tough time when we face the harsh reality of the world, yet we are strong enough to dive in and achieve what we have aimed for.

Youth for me is that state of mind which is open for oppurtunities, to learn to experience and to experiment.

Youth is where love flourishes and craves for a family, where having kids is as important as romancing you partner.

It is a fusion of fast rock beats with the soft magical rythm, where every morning you are stepping ahead to achieve what you strive for, but wanting to go back to those good old days called childhood.

Youth is a confusion between I know it all  , I am right and this wasn’t what i expected, wasn’t I right?

Youth is where’ I’ want to be most important person in my life, yet I give more importance to ‘We All’.

Youth is where we move out to travel the world, but long to be back home with our friends and family.

Youth is the making of an experienced, mature, loving, caring  and a succesful person.

Being young isnt in the age it is in the enthusiasm with which we greet life, it is in our spirit to conquer the world, it is in our will to achieve what we have dreamt for, it is in our strength with which tackle all problems, it is the freshness of our thoughts with which we pave the path for a better tommorow.

The beauty of life is being youthful at heart!!



Hey, I am a simple home maker with a passion for writing. I believe in optimism and positivity and hope to make people around me more positive. Because positivity is the key to Happiness!

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