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The Guy Who Cheated Himself

There was a man, living a life many of us vouch for, but destiny had something else for him, and time took a u turn, his life shattered. But he kept on telling himslef that nothing had changed, he was still the same. He took pride on riches that no longer existed, ordered those who wont obey any more and believed that the present was no less than the past. His thoughts and attitude dug a hole for him, from where it was not easy to come out.

According to me there was just one reason for his continous failure, and it was the fact that he was ‘Cheating on himself’.

Had he accepted the fact that things were no longer the same, may be he could have worked harder and achieved much more than what he had earlier.

There are a lot of people around us, who are caught in the dilemma of cheating there own selves. It could be petty matters or grave consequences but those who lie themselves and instead of facing what has come forth they try to run away, try to console them selves and believe in a fake story of happiness that probably is only  adding to the problem instead of solving it.

It takes courage to accept the fact that there is a problem, and then gather all your will and tell yourself ,” it is ok, the days will pass, i will find a solution and solve all my problems.” 

Ego is the prime reason why we tend to cheat ourselves, we shoukd know where to draw the line between ego and self respect. They are poles apart. Our ego will lead us no where and refrain us from facing our own selves.

Obviuosly we all should be strong and try to find reasons to be happy always but we ought to know when there is a problem and instead of lying ourselves head to find  a solution.




Hey, I am a simple home maker with a passion for writing. I believe in optimism and positivity and hope to make people around me more positive. Because positivity is the key to Happiness!

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