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I Am An Expert at Knowing Myself

We find hundreds of people around us, who are well accomplished, succeful and an expert in their field. To be the best you have to have thorough knowledge of your job, your field, your work and your intrests.

But i somehow belive that before being an expert at any other thing it is highly important to be an expert about your ownself.

I might not be an accomplished cook, or a refined writer or any thing of the sorts but i know myself in and out.  I am my own expert.

This isn’t silly at all( you might think, there is no great deal in knowing your ownself, every body knows). We are so busy running behind work, success , technology and stuff that we barely sit with ourselves and retrospect.

But a profound person is one who knows himslef really well, knows his weaknesses, strengths, choices and prefrences. He is the person who doesnt just knows what he wants from life, but knows how and when to achieve.

A self expert( as i call it) knows what is his peice of cake, has seen the mirror( i hope you know in what sense), is ready  to face the situations that he encounters, doesn’t really have to run away from himself, or cheat his soul. He is true to his being.

If you are an expert at knowing yourself, you have filtered almost half of the confusions that come your way, have found the right path towards your success.

I think if you are not an expert at your ownself, you can not be an expert at anythin else!!





Hey, I am a simple home maker with a passion for writing. I believe in optimism and positivity and hope to make people around me more positive. Because positivity is the key to Happiness!

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