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Life Lessons from an avid crocheter

I am an avid crocheter and love to crochet for my family.what started as just a pass time, slowly became a hobby and gradually took over all other intrests.

The most fascinating part about crocheting is the final product, it is not just any other piece of art, it is a story. 

Story of my perseverance, my patience, my creativity. It not only exhibits my skills with the hook but the love and care with which the piece was created.

Every time when i sit down with my hook and yarn, thousands of ideas flood my mind; no they are certainly not ideas about new designs, they are my views on life.

I feel the crochet yarn resembles our life, the cluttered yarn is the day to day problems with our relations with our loved ones, that we are entangled into.  Now it is upto us how we deal with it. 

If you try to pull the yarn it may entangle even more, apply a little extra force and it could be broken. One needs extra precaution, and loads of patience to slowly declutter the yarn string by string. Open each clutter in a way that the yarn comes out safe without a single strand being left .

 So is the case with our relations you have to take extra efforts to maintain them, by without pulling to hard or putting on any extra pressure. Because if the thread of our relation breaks the knot that you tie to mend it shall always be an hindrance through your life. Every now and then it would keep on poking in your work and disturbing you.

And if you are succesfull in detangling then what u create of that long string would be a master piece woven with love and care.


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The Shades of Gray


Between the right and wrong, the fair and unfair, the pass or fail, the good or bad there has always existed a world so less talked about yet always been visited, it is the middle path that we all in all true sense tread.

Right from our childhood we have trained our brains to choose one, it could be either right or wrong, all the descions in our life have always been judged by the world based on these  basics parameters, the parameter of right or wrong. so to talk about a mid way out has never been on our to do list. but if we sit and retrospect , one would realise that our theories might have been right or wrong but our actions ( the applications of those theories) has always taken the middle path. it has been the just for a few but unjust for few others. at some time in our lives they were the best desicions taken by us, but at some other times the same desicions were the worst ones ever taken by us.

Hence to save ourselves from the guilt of doing right or wrong, we naturally play safe and tread the gray road, where we adjust ourselves: our thoughts, our belives, our actions, our desicion, to fit in a frame that will always remain right. but deep within we know that it isn’t actually right, this life could have had a completely different avtar had it not been entangled in the age long debate of right or wrong.



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I Am An Expert at Knowing Myself

We find hundreds of people around us, who are well accomplished, succeful and an expert in their field. To be the best you have to have thorough knowledge of your job, your field, your work and your intrests.

But i somehow belive that before being an expert at any other thing it is highly important to be an expert about your ownself.

I might not be an accomplished cook, or a refined writer or any thing of the sorts but i know myself in and out.  I am my own expert.

This isn’t silly at all( you might think, there is no great deal in knowing your ownself, every body knows). We are so busy running behind work, success , technology and stuff that we barely sit with ourselves and retrospect.

But a profound person is one who knows himslef really well, knows his weaknesses, strengths, choices and prefrences. He is the person who doesnt just knows what he wants from life, but knows how and when to achieve.

A self expert( as i call it) knows what is his peice of cake, has seen the mirror( i hope you know in what sense), is ready  to face the situations that he encounters, doesn’t really have to run away from himself, or cheat his soul. He is true to his being.

If you are an expert at knowing yourself, you have filtered almost half of the confusions that come your way, have found the right path towards your success.

I think if you are not an expert at your ownself, you can not be an expert at anythin else!!




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The Guy Who Cheated Himself

There was a man, living a life many of us vouch for, but destiny had something else for him, and time took a u turn, his life shattered. But he kept on telling himslef that nothing had changed, he was still the same. He took pride on riches that no longer existed, ordered those who wont obey any more and believed that the present was no less than the past. His thoughts and attitude dug a hole for him, from where it was not easy to come out.

According to me there was just one reason for his continous failure, and it was the fact that he was ‘Cheating on himself’.

Had he accepted the fact that things were no longer the same, may be he could have worked harder and achieved much more than what he had earlier.

There are a lot of people around us, who are caught in the dilemma of cheating there own selves. It could be petty matters or grave consequences but those who lie themselves and instead of facing what has come forth they try to run away, try to console them selves and believe in a fake story of happiness that probably is only  adding to the problem instead of solving it.

It takes courage to accept the fact that there is a problem, and then gather all your will and tell yourself ,” it is ok, the days will pass, i will find a solution and solve all my problems.” 

Ego is the prime reason why we tend to cheat ourselves, we shoukd know where to draw the line between ego and self respect. They are poles apart. Our ego will lead us no where and refrain us from facing our own selves.

Obviuosly we all should be strong and try to find reasons to be happy always but we ought to know when there is a problem and instead of lying ourselves head to find  a solution.



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Is’nt it good that we make mistakes?

“To err is Human.

While I was growing up, i have always searched for perfection in whatever I do, but the outcome would never be perfect, and it was in this due course that i realised that; ‘no one can be perfect for every one‘. Each one of us has a different standard for perfection, and all of us could have entirely vague and unique methodology to attain what we call as our perfection.

But there is one common and most trusted tool in our process of being perfect, and that is our Mistakes.

Had not Adam committed a mistake, the Human race wouldnt have existed. Had not Columbus made a mistake, a major part of this world would have remained undiscovered!

It is our mistakes that train us to be better in our endeavours. If we do not make mistakes we wont learn! 

They say experience is the best teacher, i have an added clause to it, Bad expereinces or blunders are our best teachers.

Why should we regret that we made a mistake?  it isnt failure, it is infact the next stepping stone in our path.

Unless we take a wrong turn we wont discover New. We wont have alternatives, we wont know what solutions are.

To carve our personality to be near perfect it is very much important that:

  • we commit mistakes,
  • realise that it was a mistake,
  • strive to overcome that blunder,
  • learn from our over all expereince
  • Overcome the weakness that caused a mistake
  • Find solutions rather than putting blames
  • Come out as a winner.

And then get ready to commit a new mistake and start learning again!


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Where Dreams meet Reality!

A lot of time when i happen to read something about being young, being youthful, a question arises.

What has age got to do with our Youth???

Can not being youthful be just a state of mind??

Youth for me is that period of our life which should be with us forever. Being young is an amalgamation of beautiful thoughful dreams that we strive hard to fulfill and the realities of life.

Youth is that tough time when we face the harsh reality of the world, yet we are strong enough to dive in and achieve what we have aimed for.

Youth for me is that state of mind which is open for oppurtunities, to learn to experience and to experiment.

Youth is where love flourishes and craves for a family, where having kids is as important as romancing you partner.

It is a fusion of fast rock beats with the soft magical rythm, where every morning you are stepping ahead to achieve what you strive for, but wanting to go back to those good old days called childhood.

Youth is a confusion between I know it all  , I am right and this wasn’t what i expected, wasn’t I right?

Youth is where’ I’ want to be most important person in my life, yet I give more importance to ‘We All’.

Youth is where we move out to travel the world, but long to be back home with our friends and family.

Youth is the making of an experienced, mature, loving, caring  and a succesful person.

Being young isnt in the age it is in the enthusiasm with which we greet life, it is in our spirit to conquer the world, it is in our will to achieve what we have dreamt for, it is in our strength with which tackle all problems, it is the freshness of our thoughts with which we pave the path for a better tommorow.

The beauty of life is being youthful at heart!!


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I believe there is a ghost in all of us.

A ghost that keeps on invading our thoughts, a ghost that pulls us down, that haunts our happiness, that bewilders our desicions, that keeps us from being what we have wanted to be.

And we call that ghost “FEAR”.

How ever strong we tend to be, the fear of something or the other, always haunts us. There is so much more we have wanted from our lives, from ourselves, from love, but the fear of losing something in return always keeps us away.

The day we learn to shoo this ghost away, life would be much more a better place. The panaroma of our lives would  have more colourful frames.

Fighting with our fears is not an easy job, just the courage or a lot of optimism wont help, it should be supported with an acceptance, the courage to accept whatever will come, to be ready to lose something( not so important, although it feels to be very much of importance) in the bid to follow our dreams.

To be able to fight the evil of failure,and always count it as the next big oppurtunity.

If we can ever free ourselves from all sorts of fears, we would lead a life so admired and so vouched for.( may be by our own selves, so what??)

Being fearless is an attitude of the winners!!


Carry the Right Attitude

“Our  perspective towards life decides what we will be.”

Good or bad, right or wrong dark or bright. Situations keep coming to us, and that’s nature. when all’s well- then perfect, nothing to think about, nothing to lament about. but if all’s always well, then that has to be a fantasy because the science of reality says that ” nothing shall ever be perfect.”

Perfection is an attitude, it is a summation of satisfaction and hard work both. all can not always be good, it is we, who have to make it all good, the darkest times  do come, but how we stand the test, how we come out of those tough times, decides how we take life, how perfect things shall be for us.

  • showing courage
  • taking things positively
  • accepting what come our way
  • taking it as an opportunity

The worst of times have come to  everyone, be it a kingdom, or a slum, a famous personality or s dreamer next door, but it is our attitude that decides the fate. luck, kismet, destiny are all mere adjectives we add to shoulder our failures. even luck favors those who are true fighters, who do not search for people for situations to blame on, but take the negatives as opportunity for something better, learn the lesson life is teaching them, and stay strong in the darkest hour of the night.

If stop judging people,situations, circumstances into right- wrong, good -bad  we would find the real happiness we have been searching for all the time.

Happiness lies within, it is an attitude, which we have to acquire, the darkest of the time will come but with an assurance that soon it will be brighter than ever  before. the right perspective to look at things, an optimistic thinking and a very positive attitude is all that is needed to be happy being!!



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Confusions are Common!

Decisions and Confusions go hand in hand, when we sit down to take the most important decisions of our lives( though the tiniest  decision is also very important), the biggest obstacle is confusion. A confused mind can never make a firm judgement.

Once you are entangled in its trap, there is no way out, every confusion will lead to the next obstacle, unless dealt wisely, and strong headed. ” to be or not to be…” has always been the question, but if we wish to move ahead we have to take a stand, we have to come out of that dual mindedness and decide for ourselves. and that decision is certainly our first step towards our destination.

Be it love, be it work, or be it a simple question of what to wear, if we stay bewildered we will never be confident of what we do, because the confusion that is accompanying our decisions would haunt us, with all our next steps it will try hard to pull us back.

Confusion is that voice in our ears, that keeps on repeating, ‘ i shouldn’t have done this…is this right, is it all ohkkkkk??…..’we have to gather all our inner courage, stand for ourselves, shoo that voice and make a decision, and believe in what we have chosen for ourselves, and giving a dual thought move ahead.

Rest our will, our determination and our smart work will take care!!