Get Up & Say Sorry!!

It’s easy to point fingers but very difficult to peep within and realise our own mistakes. And even if this realisation comes the big fat ego ( in the name of self respect) that we always carry along holds us back from taking the next step, from apologising for our deeds.

It takes courage and lots of guts to stand up and apologise for what we have done, to accept our wrong but if you have done this you know that you are the most satisfied and peaceful soul on earth.

Be it a silly mistake or a major blunder, if our act has disheartened some one , than it becomes our prime duty to realise what we have done  and instead of being in guilt for our wrongs and sins it is much wiser to gather all the strength and speak up.

Apologise not to make the other person happy, but to lighten the burden on our soul, to get rid of that haunting thought that you are  respnsible for some ones gloom and worries.

But dont say it just for the sake of saying it, if there isn’t any self realisation than all your long and adoring sorry speeches will be nothing more than a baseless meaningless story.

If we have commited  mistake than to aplogise is our duty without thinking of the outcome, without expecting to be forgiven. To forgive and to be forgived is yet another chapter, once we have seek our forgiveness the burden is theirs to forgive but as for the one saying sorry, our realisation is worth our forgiveness!!